[parisc-linux-cvs] linux varenet

Thibaut Varene parisc-linux@lists.parisc-linux.org
Sat, 2 Aug 2003 12:36:34 -0600 (MDT)

CVSROOT:	/var/cvs
Module name:	linux
Changes by:	varenet	03/08/02 12:36:34

Modified files:
	arch/parisc/kernel: inventory.c ioctl32.c iosapic.c processor.c 
	drivers/char   : hp_psaux.c 
	drivers/net    : lasi_82596.c 
	include/asm-parisc: io.h 

Log message:
Bunch of warning fixes
some are left untouched atm, not too sure what has to be done (in particular with fb stuff, stifb.c, fbcon-sti.c; and with binfmt_elf32.c)
Builds and links fine 32 and 64 bit kernels using defconfig.