[parisc-linux] _end symbol in parisc linux?

Cary Coutant cary@cup.hp.com
Mon, 8 Nov 1999 11:18:01 -0800

>  > > Anybody know how to get PA-Linux to have an _end symbol like
>  > > most other programs, including Intel Linux?
>  > 
>  > AFAIK we would need to have linker scripts to do so, which seems to be 
>  > ssible
>  > with the HP/UX ld.  So this is on the "things that will get nicer when 
>we h
>  > ave
>  > GNU binutils again" list.
>Actually, you can with SOM with clever use of the sort_key attribute within
>a subspace.  Create a new subspace with a larger than normal sort key.  
>that space create a single symbol "_end".

Donald Scobbie already answered the question:

>Define the symbol as:
>extern void *_end;
>and the linker will sort it out for you. See the HP-UX man page for

The HP-UX SOM linker will create the symbols _etext, _edata, and _end if 
they are referenced; it won't create them if they're not referenced.