[parisc-linux] _end symbol in parisc linux?

Jeffrey A Law law@cygnus.com
Thu, 11 Nov 1999 08:51:27 -0700

  In message <199911111536.IAA19092@debian.fc.hp.com>you write:
  > Maybe there is a better way.  The first reason I want to use _end
  > (and _edata) is to clear the kernel BSS reliably (which is working
  > great).
Parse the som exec header.

  > Both these tasks are currently being done at run-time -- in one case
  > by parsing the SOM header and in another case by guessing about a
  > parameter passed in by the hpux bootloader -- neither is currently
  > reliable despite the considerable experimentation and
  > sweat others have poured into the effort.
Then I'd suggest looking at code from folks that have done this in the past;
Utah's BSD & Mach kernels both handle parsing of the SOM exec header just