[parisc-linux] Progress

Philipp Rumpf Philipp.H.Rumpf@mathe.stud.uni-erlangen.de
Mon, 22 Nov 1999 16:54:33 +0100

> On x86 things like this, and execution timing differences caused by cache
> line alignment and other phase-of-moon issues eventually lead us to not inline
> the function. Even then we had to land it on a 32 byte boundary

That's why I'm thinking about switching to a loop not based upon the time
it takes to execute instructions at all (see CR16 loop).  x86 doesn't have
the option (well, on Pentiums and above you have).

	Philipp Rumpf

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hi all, 
it worked: 712/100 (128ram) with the hipo-0.01

here's what the screen looks like:

PARISC/Linux Bootstrap Version 0.1 (non-interactive)
By Jason Eckhardt
Built Fri Feb 26 17:19:38 CST 1999 by jason@bimbo

IPL_DEBUG: Page zero parameters
  P0_IMM_max_mem:	134217728 (128MB)
  P0_IMM_spa_size:	134217728
  P0_MC_cont_size:	134217728
  P0_MC_phys_size:	134217728
  P0_MC_ad_size:	134217728
  P0_BOOTCPU_mem_free:  0x00008000
  P0_BOOTCPU_hpa:	0xFFFBE000
  P0_BOOTCPU_pdc:	0xF0010488
  P0_BOOTCPU_10msec:	100000
  P0_COUT_iodc_io:	0x00008AAC
  P0_CIN_iodc_io:	0x00008000
  P0_BOOTDEV_iodc_io:	0x0000C114
  P0_COUT_class:	0x00000009
  P0_CIN_class:		0x00000008
  P0_BOOTDEV_class:	0x00000001
Reading parameters...done
(kernel size = 28672 bytes, entry point = 0x00001000)
Loadin kernel...done
Transferring control to kernel

******* (yiipee)

VMLINUX 0.0: Dummy kernel image loaded and executing!

It is now safe to reboot

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