[parisc-linux] Re: Solved: Kernel crash when loggin in via ssh

Thibaut VARENE varenet@esiee.fr
Thu, 12 Dec 2002 09:36:24 +0100

Le jeudi, 12 d=E9c 2002, =E0 01:05 Europe/Paris, Randolph Chung a =E9crit =

>> gcc-3.0_3.0.4-13 produces a working kernel, gcc-3.2-3.2.2-0pre0=20
>> produces
>> a miscompiled kernel (faulty networking, causes kernel crash).
> Just to reiterate Dave's point, this is not necessarily a compiler
> problem.
I'm pretty interested to help finding out whether it is or not a=20
compiler problem.

I had the exact same problem that what was mentioned here, a couple of=20=

months ago, with both native and cross compiler (gcc-3.2).
Any attempt to login on the box via network led to a kernel crash.

I'll try to reproduce it to track down where the kernel crashed, since=20=

I don't remember it off hand.

Anyway, I'd be interested in learning what you guys may suspect as=20
other possible cause for this _weird_ behaviour...


Thibaut VARENE
The PA/Linux ESIEE Team